Virtual Management

But being an independent music artist can feel overwhelming and isolating.

You have to wear so many different hats as an independent artist or musician, and you’re not sure if you’re focusing on the right things. It doesn’t help that the music industry can feel like a closed shop from the outside.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s hard to breakthrough in this industry – particularly when you’re doing it alone.

So, you start thinking that if only you had a manager, or a booking agent, or a recording or publishing deal everything would be better. That these people just need to discover you and then your career will change!

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

You see, you need to build your career as far as you can yourself, before the rest of the industry will invest in you. That’s because they don’t look to just sign talent (which there’s no doubt you have). They sign great music plus momentum.

We want to help you create this momentum and get to the next step of your music career!

So, whether your goals include getting a manager and signing to a record label, OR you want a successful, sustainable career as an independent music artist… Our ‘Virtual Artist Management’ sercice is a great option to consider. 


How It Works

Our Virtual Management service is designed to replicate the experience of having an Full-time Artist Manager to work with you as closely as possible. You get one on one access to one of our professional managers that will explain and coach you on everything you need to know about the music industry, plus detailed ‘How To’ guides on all the activities you will need to undertake to make it as an independent music artist. Ask The Manager Live Q&A – Your music career questions answered live by me every week

  • VIP Access – access to our team of professional artists managers for 1on1 coaching.
  • A&R Feedback – Tailored feedback on your music sent to you privately by email each month
  • Music Artist Tools – Step-by-step guides & worksheets for all those tricky ‘How To’s’
  • Community – A support network of like-minded artists in The Virtual Manager community
  • VIP Access – Bonus resources & discounts on selected music industry services just for you
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