Full Service Management
From Social Media Marketing to Monetization Strategies, we provide a full spectrum of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your current popularity or number of fans and followers, our music management services are guaranteed to make an impact on your career. 

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful ways to be discovered is by building a following through a combination of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & SEO. No matter what stage of the game you’re in, online marketing is a necessity. We’ll grow your fan base to a notable level.

Brand Identity

Effective branding is more than just a logo, colour scheme or message; it’s a strategy that entails proper research. From concept to completion, we will help you design your brand to reflect your personality, ensuring people can identify with it. What will your branding look like?



Strategical Planning

You’ll never make it to a destination if you don’t know how to get there. We’ll help you identify exactly what it will take to get you from point A. to point B. and how to get you there in the most efficient way possible. An effective marketing plan cannot exist without a proper strategy in place.



Web Design

We’ll design your website to act as a hub which will convert visitors into followers and followers into fans. We exploit the art of Neuro Marketing as well as psychological influence in all of our digital design strategies. We’re masters at the art of conversion. Do you have a website and – is it optimized to convert your followers? Click HERE to see some designs you can choose from.


PR & Content Creation

Effective PR campaigns consist of catchy stories with a mix of relationship artistry, backed by persuasive reasons to learn more about the artist in question. Our teams of professional content writers and PR strategists will ensure your PR campaigns and content creations are of the highest standard.


Artist Management

Not only do we understand business, we understand the music business. From day-to-day business affairs to advice and counsel, we make sure that your current decisions are in-line with your long-term career objectives. We focus on developing your business so you can focus on creating your music.


Monetisation Strategy & Planning

There are six main areas of monetisation within the music industry: albums, live gigs, sessions, branded products, sync’s and scores. Identifying which areas to focus on and in which order is imperative to your long term financial success. We will help you develop a plan that will target each revenue opportunity as well as ensure your profit margin is the highest it can be.  Remember, your music is a business.

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